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Looking for affordable pest control help in the Wichita, KS area? The proven professionals at Hawks Inter-State Pestmasters Inc. are ready to exterminate pests plaguing your home. As the most experienced exterminators in Wichita, Kansas, Hawks Pros know the ins-and-outs of the business. We know how to safely destroy pests while protecting health and property.

Hawks makes it easy. 

Before you commit to purchasing anything, we put you in direct contact with the Hawks Pro who would be managing your treatment. Without obligation, this lets you ask questions about the personal specifics of your situation and allows you to query the knowledge and experience of your Wichita based exterminator who knows the neighborhood and the nature of the pest problems normally encountered in Kansas.

Best of all, your Hawks Pro controls their appointment book. You can easily schedule a custom appointment should you choose Hawks to do the work. Our shared goal: mutual understanding and guidance to help you decide what is best for YOUR pest problem at a fair price you can afford. One easy phone call to Hawks makes life better! Choose Hawks when you need Wichita area pest control services you can trust.

We love Kansas!

The Hawks family founded our company in Wichita in 1937. We are in our 4th Generation of Hawks family ownership and leadership. Because we are Kansas-based, we are experts regarding the weather, the soil, and the habits of critters related to OUR local geography. We know the neighborhoods. We know the Kansas life and climate. And when you call, you are reaching live people right here in Wichita. We have a rich Kansas history with over 1 million served. 

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