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5 Warning Signs You Have a Termite Infestation In Your Home

You would want to get rid of termites right away if you found out you had them in your home, right? Look out for these warning signs so you know you might have destructive, uninvited guests in your home.

Clicking sounds

Termites actually make a sound when they are eating away at the structure of your home. They are either banging their heads against the wood, or they are shaking their bodies, and that’s what makes the clicking sound.

Hard to close doors and hard to open windows

Usually, these are just an indicator of damp or hot weather. However, doors and windows that are hard to open and close can be a sign of termites. They create a high humidity environment inside their galleries, causing the frames to warp. Elements of construction that have moisture problems are also at a higher risk of future termite infestation.

Exit Holes

Subterranean Termite exit holes are most commonly observed on walls, window frames, ceilings, and siding. Look for small holes with dirt protruding from them. The areas around these exit holes are often soft.  


Reproductive termites have wings while other termites in the colony do not. They are attempting to leave and start new colonies elsewhere. You will often find them congregated in mass, dead or alive. Keep an eye out for their wings too, they lose them after they have mated.


It can be easy to confuse flying ants with termite swarmers. The two biggest differences are the wings and body shape. Termite swarmers have the cigar shaped body with two sets of wings that are of equal length. Flying ants will have a pinched waist and one pair of wings will be smaller than the other.

Hollow wood

As most people know, termites eat wood from the inside out. They leave a thin layer of wood or even just the paint. It can be hard to discover the infestation because you can’t really see it on the surface. Some people report finding the problem because their vacuum cleaner went through the skirting board or their fingers pressed through a door frame.

In the spring of 2017 alone, 6.32 million people said they lived in a household that planned to initiate pest control services within the next 12 months in the United States. If you notice any of these signs above, you may have termites. It’s essential that you have exterminators come in right away to inspect so you can avoid potentially hazardous and expensive damage to your home.

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