Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Treatments in Wichita, KS

The Ugly Truth About Bed Bugs

Imagine a secretive creature, ancient, adaptive and tenacious. We sometimes describe them as “the Cockroach from Hell” — a relentlessly adaptive six-legged vampire that rises in the dark to hunt humans as they sleep to feed on their blood.

Bed Bugs have all the advantages of a predator. This pest of man even makes a natural anesthetic to deaden the skin where they inject their “straw” to suck out your blood. They’ve been doing this to our ancestors since the beginning of human history. This is all they do; hunt and feed on any human they can find.

Luckily, we have a solution for eliminating bed bugs in Wichita.

Our Bed Bug Protocol: Designed to be More Affordable

Methods for treating Bed Bugs vary greatly as do the costs of treatment. We choose to help families, employers and property managers by specializing in modest-cost cooperative solutions for single-family homes and workplace environments to avoid extreme expense of more radical treatments. We have learned where there is effective cooperation, few Bed Bug problems require more dramatic, expensive treatments like whole-house heat or fumigation.

Our Methodology

We’re old school. We use superior modern chemistry but our methods are very much those we used 80 years ago. We do this for cost effectiveness — our affordable pest control in the Wichita, KS, area yields results that are more efficient and less expensive overall. We can only make this work reliably when the customer works with us; both cooperative and collaborative over the interval of time for each problem.

How to tell if your problem is a good fit for our approach

Call us so we can discuss generalities and specifics. If you want, we can make an appointment to come out and survey the circumstances. There’s a lot to eliminating bed bugs in Wichita.

A few more detailed facts you need to understand

Bed Bugs are not a ‘pest of structure’ as are most other pests of constructed buildings. They are instead a ‘pest of man.’ This parasite biology dominates the pest control process. Bed bugs travel and infest via interacting or intersecting human activity. There is no need for the humans to know each other, merely to intersect in some way that results in the parasite being distributed from one person’s life to another person’s life. Regardless of treatment, new bed bugs can be introduced at any time. This starts the cycle anew. This has been the biological advantage of bed bugs from the beginning. There may be more to a household or workplace bed bug problem that the bed bugs there now; the problem may ultimately rest in where those bed bugs came from and how they got there and by which person or persons.

This is why we do it like we do; why we do not use highly expensive heat or fumigation treatments. Every bed bug infestation has a source and that source has a source and it all links together by patterns of continuing human activity. Heat and fumigation have little to no direct effect in protecting you from this important part of the bedbug problem. Our old school methods evolved to address this part of the problem.

That’s a key reason why we still use them. These parasites infest the lives of those they attack. This is also how bed bugs spread; how they infest and re-infest the human home and workplace. If you have bed bugs, you are part of a system of infestation that resides elsewhere in remote patterns of human activity and environments you do not control.

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