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How to Tell If Your Home Is Infested with Bed Bugs

exterminatorsEven if you keep your home spotless, there’s a chance you could experience a bed bug incident. So how do you know if these tiny creatures are lingering around in your house? Here’s what you should look out for.

This is one of the easiest ways to determine if you actually have bed bugs or not. The pests will bite you while you’re asleep or laying on your bed, so check your body every morning. Common bed bug symptoms are flat or raised red welts appearing in groups on your face, feet, back, etc. It is worth mentioning that not every individual will react to a bed bug bite so it is good to know what other signs you can look for.

Keep an eye out for rusty-colored, reddish-looking streaks, stains, and smears on your bedding. This sign can be easily dismissed but can be really easy to spot on lighter-colored sheets. When you move in your sleep and you have bed bugs, you might unknowingly squash a bug with an undigested blood meal. But similar to the bites, these bloodstains might not actually be from bed bugs. They could have simply come from a mosquito bite that you scratched while in dreamland.

Bed Bug Exoskeletons
Look for any clear, empty exoskeletons that kind of look like popcorn kernels. If you didn’t have popcorn recently, there’s a good chance you’re not finding snacks on the ground. When a bed bug hatches and grows, they shed their skin.The skin will look like a clear, kernel-like bead and can be found on box springs, wooden furniture, and framing.

Bed bugs are nothing to mess around with. If you notice them around, reach out to your exterminators immediately. The exterminators will be able to get rid of bed bugs for you so you don’t have to worry about getting bitten or having your sheets ruined anymore. While 68% of pest control workers in 2015 said that bed bugs were the most difficult pest to control, they have the proper tools and skills to do so.

Fecal Stains
Fecal stains are a dead giveaway for a bed bug problem. Fecal stains are small black dots that will look like someone poked the area with a sharpie. If bed bugs are present you will often find fecal stains in the seams of the mattress and box frame, around wood bed slats, and in other cracks and crevices around the bed area.



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