Safety Culture

The Hawks Culture of Safety

We have maintained a proven culture of safety for over 80 consecutive years. To this very day, we screen for the safest methods and products for our personal safety.

Protecting our personal safety helps ensure that we protect yours. The products we use are carefully chosen, studied and labeled in a manner that further ensures the safety of others, including children and pets in the home.

Marketing terms like “natural” or “organic” mean nothing toxicologically. Strychnine is natural. So are opium and botulinum. They are all organic, occurring in nature.

Don’t be fooled by sales and marketing gimmicks.

Safety is a form of intelligence. Safety requires a certain approach to knowledge; an informed discipline of action. It takes a culture of safety to keep attention and focus.

Ask yourself: “What makes a car safe? The car or the driver?”

We manage the pest and the pesticide. Most importantly, we manage the safety of how pests may be prevented or otherwise managed on the premises of our customers.