Termite Control and Extermination Services in Wichita KS

Termites? Save your home environment and your money. With Hawks you can get a better value at a better price. Our termite control for the Wichita, KS, area will eliminate these pests quickly and efficiently. We’ll treat your home as if it’s our own, in a limited manner and method that is safe for the family; safe for children and safe for pets.

We kill hidden termites silently, invisibly. We infuse key points of soil-structure contact and other problematic areas with this remarkable molecular technology. They don’t have to eat it; it kills by touch alone. One-touch control. Any contact is lethal to a subterranean termite. Absolutely.

This molecular technology has no odor. Termites can’t see it. They can’t sense it. They don’t know it’s there. There is no need for termites to swallow it. No need to install unsightly mini cafeterias (bait stations) around your home and spend weeks, months, and years feeding termites in the yard, often at considerable inconvenience and extra expense to you.

Our termite control for the Wichita, KS, area works 24/7 – a mature molecular technology entirely invisible to termites (and everyone else.) After the incorporation by treatment resolves, the points of treatment can’t be seen by neighbors, visitors, or by mischievous children, or stepped-into by running pets. No risk from sharp-edged broken plastic. No danger from exposed holes where bait stations used to be. No solid waste created by removed or abandoned bait stations.

In our opinion, we think it’s easy for anyone to consider how termite baits might be obsolete when compared to the IPM-based Hawks approach and the molecular technology we use to kill hidden termites one touch at a time.

This is why we are convinced the Hawks Custom Termite Control management approach is better than baits; better than anything we’ve seen before. Give us a call to learn more about our termite extermination services for the Wichita, KS, area today.

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